Wednesday Weirdness

And I thought last week was just too weird to pick out only a few weird stories. As 2021 said to 2020, this week has said to last week: “Hold my beer!”

Item 1: After ordering 25,000 National Guard troops to the Capital, the Uniparty realizes that the majority (vast majority, perhaps) of enlisted personnel have political leanings and that they lean toward Donald Trump. Hilarity immediately ensues.

Item 2, A & B: A) A Tennessee school principal is suspended after he questions Big Tech censorship. Several someones complain, and the principal is now groveling for his job.

B) Mom is at the Trump rally in DC and gets punched in the nose. Highly disaffected 18 YO daughter, who has apparently been disciplined more than a few times and thrown out of the house, sees a chance to get even. Mom loses her job.

This is just the beginning of the level of vindictiveness and destruction we’re going to see. Be ready.

We’ll be back next Wednesday, I suspect.

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