The last morning

Debbie Downer time again.

I fear this is the last morning of the United States I grew up in.

By the time most of you read this, the Imposition of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the two-headed President of what remains of the carcass of the United States will be complete.

President Xi will smile a non-enigmatic smile, I’m sure.

A video I saw yesterday had a National Guard general saying there are 65,000 troops in DC for the event.

Does it seem odd to anyone that we have never before, in the history of the United States, walled off our capital and posted troops in order to have an inauguration? Or that they were all specially, and some hold illegally, vetted to be sure they didn’t pose a danger to the new President?

An article said Biden would be speaking to 200,000 US flags rather than a crowd.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they spontaneously combusted?

President Donald J Trump bought us 4 years to make ready after the catastrophe of 8 years of Obama. I know I feel that I could have done more, but reality is what it is. You do what you can, with what you have, as you can.

While many in the DC swamp feel that this is “getting back to business as usual”, I don’t think so. This has the feel of something else. I expect some unholy love child of Atlas Shrugged, Patriots: The Coming Collapse, Lucifer’s Hammer and Unintended Consequences. maybe a little Spurlock: Sheriff of Purgatory and the Book of Revelation thrown in for comic relief.

Here’s the thing. The Uniparty thinks its won, and for the moment it has. But they have unleashed forces, such as BLM and Antifa, that they can not control. They may think they have things in hand, but they don’t, and that actually isn’t going to matter nearly so much as one might think. Evil now walks the land. Real, serious Evil.

The actual elephant, or more accurately, herd of Saltriovenator zanellai, in the room is the economy-ours and everyone else’s. Money has been borrowed and created by the trillions of <unit of your choice>. It’s went on for a long time without major deleterious effects. That can’t go on forever, and signs point to it not going on for much longer.

When the global economy tanks, we’re going to see things that we couldn’t have imagined a year ago. Be surprised at nothing.

Of course, I could just be having a moment of gloom to celebrate the completion of the most obvious theft of a national election in US and perhaps world history. While I would be happy to be proven wrong, I think I will be more right than wrong-but I’m a little weak on the timeframe. Maybe months, maybe years.

If you pray, this is a good time for it. It’s also a good time to top off and do anything remaining on your list to be ready if things go south/hard left/sideways/tits up. I’ve got several action items left, if I can get some cooperation from this increasingly old body.

Lord of Hosts,
Hear my prayer.
My strength and courage flag in the face of what is to come.
Father, forgive me of my weakness.
Renew my strength and instill in me fresh courage.
Still my doubts in myself.
Still my fear that I am inadequate for the tasks ahead of me.
Grant me victory in all that I will endeavor in the coming days, weeks, months and if you will, years.
Mercifully hear my prayer.


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