Wednesday Weirdness


(This post was accidentally published early. I’ve deleted that and this one ought to publish at the correct time with all the content I meant for it to have.)

Welcome back to Wednesday Weirdness, in which I catalog all the “weird” things I note during the previous week.

Item 1: Ilhan Omar calls fatal police shooting of black man ‘state sanctioned murder.’ But police say he fired first.
Probably more than some hyperbole in the headline, “but”. We have a
felony firearm crime suspect who shoots at the cops first, but when the
cops shoot back it’s state-sanctioned “murder”. If this line of illogic
spreads, not only does it have massive ramifications for law enforcement
(you won’t be able to) but for personal self-defense as well. 

Item 2: NC distilleries that made hand sanitizer stunned by proposed $14,060 federal fee Once again proving that there’s no situation government can’t make worse….

Item 3: Lockdown Proponent Bill Gates Quietly Funding Plan To Dim The Sun’s Rays
You know, he may have built one of the largest companies in the world,
but the guy really isn’t so smart that we need him trying to effect the
climate. Bill, you’re retired. Go fishing or something.

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