Wednesday Weirdness

Welcome to Wednesday Weirdness. This may or may not be an every Wednesday post, depending on how much weirdness I run into while cruising the Intertubz. But were I a betting man, I’d bet on seeing this most Wednesdays.

This gives me a place to put all those things I find that cause my inner Spock to raise that eyebrow. All flavors of weirdness may show up here, along with some brief commentary.

Forward into weirdness.

Item 1: Antifa activists take over hotel near Seattle as owner begs authorities for help Well, we should have seen this one coming. It seems that Antifa “veterans” have come up with a way to expropriate property at retail before they have take over and do it wholesale. An unfortunate motel owner has had his business taken over by Antifa because housing is a right, which means they have a right to take it if we don’t just give it to them.

Dear owner, your property is already gone, and I feel for you. If I were you, I’d call and have all the utilities turned off. Sure, the “veterans” are going to trash the place, but they’re already going to do that. And find yourself a good bankruptcy lawyer.

Item 2: Great Reset: Tiny Houses Pushed as Solution to Climate Change I’m not sure what is crazier-the idea that you’re going to persuade or even force people to give up their houses and live in poorly done travel trailers that will never travel, or that someone is stupid enough to think you’re going to put enough solar panels on the roof of a 200 ft2 building to run a heat pump (along with everything else electric).

I’m betting you’ll be able to charge your electric car, too.

Item 3: NBC News’ presidential historian notes that President Andrew Johnson didn’t tweet heroic videos about himself The ignorance is breathtaking. But I’d keep away, because it may be dense enough to collapse to a singularity.

Item 4: Harvard Panel Claims ‘Not All Who Give Birth’ Are Women, Uses Term ‘Birthing People’ Apparently an Ivy League education is no guarantee of an understanding of basic human biology. If I were the parents of this group of no-nothings, I’d be demanding my money back.

Item 5: SpaceX’s very big year: A 2020 filled with astronaut launches, Starship tests and more Isn’t it weird how NASA, with all the people and government resources at their disposal, can’t manage this?

Damn, I just sprained my tongue and bruised my cheek.

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