Fine Art Tuesday

Italian Landscape, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, c 1840
Johann Wilhelm Schirmer was a Prussian artist and was a leading Romantic landscape artists of his day. He is also noted as a member of the “Düsseldorf School“.
Born in the Pruussian Duchy of Jülich in 1807, he studied art at the Arts Academy in Düsseldorf. There, he became an associate professor in 1830 and a full professor in 1839. As did many artists of his day, Schirmer toured Europe, painting this work while in Italy.
Schirmer died in Karlsruhe in 1863.
I was introduced to Schirmer via the DailyArt app. Well worth having on your phone or tablet.
Fine Art Tuesday was started by Eaton Rapids Joe in memory of Remus, late proprietor of  the Woodpile Report.

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