Well. I guess one more is called for.

And when I thought that the “Life in the time of Wuflu” series was really finished…

Son comes down with the Wuflu. Seriously.

He missed the usual Sunday supper with the family, saying he’d felt like crap the last couple of days. Doing my best remote doctor impersonation, from what he could tell me it sort of sounded like a sinus infection that was just ready to explode. He did fail the “bend over and tell me if your face feels like it’s going to fall off” test. I told him he needed to consider hitting up the doc-in-a-box. He wanted to see how he felt tomorrow.

I checked in on him Monday and he had went to work. Obviously, he’s feeling better. I got a text Tuesday morning that he felt bad and was going home. He still was going to wait until tomorrow and see how he felt. I managed to persuade him that he at least needed to get an appointment scheduled, because if he waited until tomorrow he would be the day after getting in. Yes, our doc-in-a-box only see patients by appointment. Kind of defeats the whole “urgicare” model, but they aren’t interested in my opinion. Trust me, they got it loud and clear the last time I tried to go with a blinding 3 day migraine.

His appointment was 5:40, and at 6:05 he called and shared the news. I asked him what he needed and how urgently. Gatorade and Mucinex, and tomorrow would be fine.

Mrs. Freeholder and I have taken him a care package, delivered from a socially distanced distance. You know how stupid it feels to sit a package on someone’s doorstep and talk to them from across the hall? He said he was feeling much better. He has to stay confined for 10 days past when the symptoms started. He’s looking forward to being able to stay up and watch the World Series. Fortunately for us, we last saw him Tuesday week, so we are almost in the clear.

As Roasnne Rosanadana said, “Is always sumthin’.” Yes, it is.

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  1. Will he take ivermectin? We’ve taken it at first onset of cold symptoms, and the misery was cleared out in a day or two, just some lingering congestion. Protocol is 3 doses, each one about 48 hrs apart. Friends of ours have also used it with the same results.
    The paste tube is marked in 250 lb increments, and a mark for in-between measurements. Just select closest to your weight. Mix with jam or applesauce and swallow it. Chase it with some water.

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