Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 11: In which I increase my skills

I’m not sure why this was the first thing that popped into

my head as an image for the post.

Life continues at its slow, Wuflu-driven pace.

It goes without saying that the weekend just past was Easter. Social distancing aside, we are not socially distant from our kids, even if they are out and about. So Sunday, it was Easter supper, a traditional meal of baked ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and fresh baked bread. Most tasty, as have the leftovers have been. Soon there will be ham and bean soup. I’m looking forward to that. The heavy soups are a great way to stretch food without making yourself feel starved. To avoid over-exposure, we’ll probably freeze half the pot for later.

Before arriving, Son texted me a request for a haircut. Why he picked me is a mystery, as I’ve never cut a head of hair in my life. I warned him the only thing I could probably do right was a military buzz cut. He was OK with that.

Poor kid.

Yes, I had to do it with the cordless beard trimmer you see in the background. For a first effort, it came out…reasonably well. It’s not like he hasn’t worn his hair this way before; he was in Army JROTC through high school.

I haven’t worn mine like this since AIT at Ft. Knox. I figure if we decide to continue nuking the economy, he’ll get to return the favor in about 3 weeks. I’m considering hitting Amazon up for a real set of trimmers if they are available.

The Internet is telling us we should increase our skills while we’re all stuck at home, right? Maybe this could be my second career. Or whatever number it would be.

In the meantime, it’s yet another migraine day. I’m overdue for the Botox shots, and I’m going to get further overdue. Ace Neurologist’s office called, appointments are canceled until further notice. If I spin out of control, hit the doc-in-a-box for steroids/Tramadol. Yay.

At least I got my biologic preventative for this month. Think kind thoughts for the next refill, please.

A friend of mine had to go to the ER last Thursday. 103 fever, no other outstanding symptoms. They kept him overnight, but did not test for Wuflu. I guess if you aren’t tested, you can’t have it. Sent him home for rest and Tylenol. He still feels rough. Been chatting with him online, trying to keep his spirits up. He’s had a hard time of it the past few years, and this is just piling on.

Work continues, slowly, on the ham shack rebuild. At least I can now see in my head how this is going to work, and that’s making it easier. Next step is to pull 2 20 amp circuits, along with a spare 12/2 cable that will simply be coiled, unconnected, in the overhead in case I need it later. Question for any hams in the readership-do you have an overhead light at your operating position? I have plenty of overhead lights in the basement, but for the bench itself I was thinking more in terms of task lighting with some LED strip lights as a sort of background illumination. Any thoughts are welcome.

I found out my mechanic is open again. It turns out they had to close for a through cleaning after 2 people at the restaurant where they usually eat had positive Wuflu tests. He wife is a cancer survivor and is immuno-compromised, so he’s not taking chances.

And so life goes on, in its weird, Wuflu-influenced way. I hope you and yours are all well and staying safe.

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