Report from the OP, October 21, 2021

It seems that things are deteriorating at an increasingly rapid rate. Of all the, let’s call them “pundits”, that I regularly read, the ones with the best track record are the ones with the darkest predictions.

Yep, that’s me, Mr. Ray of Sunshine, at your service.

As seen at a local gas station this afternoon.

Let’s start of with this gem. I was outin’-and-aboutin’ today and decided that I’d beat the latest round of gas price increases, which seem to be running at about 10⊄ every 3-4 days. I managed to find a station that was still at $3.18/gallon and used my “loyalty code” to get 5⊄ per gallon off.

Gas is now over $1/gallon higher than it was when Xiden took office, and it shows no sign of slowing down soon.

The trip out was necessitated by my regular visit to the chiropractor. At least that co-pay is still the same as it was a year ago. Having just gone through “open enrollment”, it’s unclear if that stays the same for the coming year.

I can’t say that for lunch. Dairy Queen 4 chicken strip basket and a drink is now $10. This grumpy old guy recalls when he ate lunch for a buck at a local restaurant-2 hot dogs, fries and a drink. If you went to McDonalds, you got change back from that buck. We’ll probably never see those days again. And get off my lawn!

Pet food prices and availability seem to be stable at the local big box pet store. I just restocked for the kitties. We’re at about 5 months of food and somewhat less litter for them. I’ll raise amount that soon.

Pantry-wise, we’re keeping the holes filled and making some adjustments to the mix on the shelves. I’d like to see us with more things that only need to be heated rather than actually cooked. I’d like another couple of months worth of food if I can make the room for it.

I didn’t stop at a single retail outlet today that didn’t have some version of a “Now Hiring” sign. If someone wants or needs a job, they’re available. They may not be the greatest jobs ever, but they’re there.

I’ve been going through the news this afternoon, and I’ve found these stories of interest:

And with that reading list, I’ll leave you in peace. Out here.

6 thoughts on “Report from the OP, October 21, 2021

  1. First, Semper Fi to the Jarhead.
    Second, I just got some good NY strip steaks on sale for $9/lb at Pick ‘n Save; Costco has ’em at $20/lb. Gotta love those sales. I wonder how long that sort of bargain will last.

  2. My last cat food buy was 15% above the previous one last month. Dog food which was $63 for 40lbs is now $72. Chimney cleaning today was $325 and firewood was $350/cord. Gas at my local station in NH was $3.399 – $.23 higher than my last fillup two weeks ago. Bacon is $7/lb. Haven’ seen many stockouts, just high prices.

  3. We’re in decent shape here – food, wood for heat, water, ammo, no health issues. I can pay the somewhat higher prices, for now. What I fear in the future is a loss of electricity, due to lack of supplies, lack of employees, weather damage that can’t be fixed as easily as in the past. Without power we can manage for awhile (generator), but there will be a gigantic loss of manufacturing, delivery of supplies and food, stores closing, loss of services to urban areas.
    Sometimes I think we’ll be the next Venezuela.

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