Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 32: Brother, can you spare a roll of toilet paper?


This would be amusing if it weren’t both serious and pathetic.

This has been a week of being out and about, even when I’d rather have stayed home and accomplished something. Life must continue, Wuflu and Karens not withstanding.

Tuesday was a trip to Moscow on the Catawba (AKA Charlotte, NC) to visit with the neurologist and get 33 shots of Botox. Botox is one of the several things I do to try and keep the migraines at bay. It works, some.

My pickup is still wearing its Trump-Pence sticker, and I decided it would stay on for the trip. Flying the flag and all that. Didn’t get anyone honking or honking rocks at me in the city. That’s a good thing. On the trip, I noticed that there are still many Trump flags and signs in yards. It would seem that there are a lot of us who will need to be deprogrammed.

I’m looking for ammo for a friend-he needs some .270 for deer hunting. He has some, but wants more. You know, for deer hunting. I’ve never seen so little ammo for sale. There simply isn’t any. The odd obx of something and a few boxes of shotgun shells. Even Bass Pro is stripped. Good thing I know how to dry fire.

My neighbor across the street mentioned that he could use a box of 9mm. He isn’t a prepper or even close. Still, he’s a good friend, so I took him a box. He wanted to pay me for it. I told him to wait until the price came back down in a few years and just buy me a box then. “Oh, no, I’ll just pay you.” I told him he couldn’t afford that box of ammo and showed him this:

That’s from AIM Surplus. There is some available here and there, such as this at Lucky Gunner:



It was a box of 50 Federal FMJ rounds, the stuff I use for practice. Seeing those prices, I figure that would go for $50/box. Like I told him, this is why I buy ammo by the case and not the box. More is better, and there is no such thing as “enough ammo”. Last time around he ran out of toilet paper. Perhaps one day he’ll get the joke.

I visited a couple of Walmarts, filling in holes and just buying things we needed. Paper products nearly gone. Rice and dried beans at low levels. Canned goods ravaged. Boxed stuffing very low, but that could be due to the season. Frozen convenience foods heavily picked over. Plenty of meat, though. Turkey was pretty cheap. All this, and we’re not even locked down. Yet. We’re making a run to the local meat place this weekend, and I’m going to add some to the cat food supply. Otherwise, we’re good, thankfully.

Amazon is showing signs of stress, and beyond what I’ve seen in the past due to holiday binge buying. All of our Christmas has been ordered for some time now and is very slowly tricking in. Mrs. Freeholder is getting an iPad to replace her crappy Kindle, if Apple manages to find one and get it here. I’m guessing the China supply line is still having issues. The order was placed in very early November and should arrive in mid-December. At least Amazon got me the Otter Box for it. (Mrs. Freeholder is hard on her toys.) She may get the Otter Box and an IOU if things don’t work out.

Masks. In Charlotte, I think everyone was wearing a mask, even to drive a car or walk down a sidewalk. I did not wear one in Bass Pro, and got some dirty looks but no comments. If anyone says anything, I have an answer ready for them: “First time in my life asthma has came in handy.” Yeah, asthma-that’s the ticket. Around home, maybe half the folks in a store will have one on, but it’s rare to see someone wearing one while driving, although it does happen. The mask companies are probably rooting for this to continue forever. It sure seems the Democrats are.

Gas prices are subsiding, at least in places. Gas in Charlotte was less expensive than at home, which is another thing that simply never happens. Then again, gas everywhere is cheaper than here for some reason.

I find that not watching the mainstream media has positively improved my state of mind. It seems I don’t get angry as much when people aren’t lying to me and expecting me to like it. I am watching the goings on around the election, and remain convinced that Trump won and that his legal eagles can prove it. I try to keep up on local stuff, but there really isn’t much to keep up on. We get news of another permanent closure of this or that business, mostly restaurants. Traditional restaurants are going the way of the dodo around here. Some will survive if we don’t have another shutdown, but it’s going to be damn few.

We’ve had a couple of cold nights, but the days are warm. We plan on celebrating Thanksgiving with our kids, per usual. Then we’ll take off a campground favorite of ours for a last outing before winterizing the RV for the season.

Speaking of warm days, it’s time to get outside and make some things happen. Inside in the morning, outside in the afternoon is how I roll these days. Today I’m running a bit behind.

Pay attention to the things around you and as always, see to those preps.

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