(Im)Patiently Awaiting the Collapse

I listen (and support via Patreon) a prepping podcast, Prepping 2.0. (Link is to the web site, you can subscribe from there if you’d like.) The featured image as well as the saying is theirs, and it’s only half in jest.

But right now, I’m impatiently awaiting the collapse. I’m so sick and tired of the level of stuff and nonsense that is going on as the USA circles the drain of history that I’d really rather it just happened so we could get on with the business of living through it and the rebuilding after. Almost anything is better than watching the country that raised you, gave you a home, whose uniform your wore and that you love, going to hell in a handbasket at Warp 9.2.

Let me give you a little list of the stuff and nonsense just from today:

And I’ll stop at 5. But you get the picture.

Yes, there has been good news, but at this time it simply doesn’t make up for the sheer volume bad news. I don’t care if a RINO has decided to go home for good or about Wendy’s successful trolling of the Intertubz, it doesn’t remove the Communists from power or clean out the media nest of vipers. Right now, those are the things I want to see happening. Free helicopter rides for all of them.

It also hacks me off that I forgot Fine Art Tuesday. It’ll make a triumphant comeback next week.

I’m going to go get myself a double chocolate milkshake. Neuro-muscular doc will frown, but we’re not going to tell him, are we (as the sound of a helicopter warming up in the distance reaches our ears)?

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