Last night, I gave up looking for some sort of New Year’s festivities on a live stream and went to bed. One of the neighbors announced midnight with a loud boom of something explosive. Or perhaps it was just someone’s patience with our situation manifesting itself. Hard to tell these days.

Judging from pictures such as the one at left, the New Year’s fireworks shows went nearly witnessed, as Wuflu hysteria is once again being whipped up with tales of a “holiday bump” in cases, cases, cases and restrictions on gatherings. Government reaction to this episode continues to be a case of “fighting the last war”.

Trotting around the Intertubz tonight, I found this long missive from James Howard Kunstler, in which he prognosticates about the coming year. Interesting stuff.

I will now wish you a Happy New Year, and remind you that if 2021 sucks half as much as 2020, it will be a vast improvement. I also predict this will be the theme song of 2021:

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