Sunday Reading

Not my copy. Mine is rather more worn.  

Time for reading has been short, so I went with a book I’ve read a number of times. Think of it as reviewing more than reading.

The Manual of the Mercenary Soldier was a book that I picked up one day back in the 80s while I was working and had stopped into a stop-and-rob for a drink. At the time, I had been in and returned home from the military. I was in college, but I guess somewhat second guessing my choice.

As it turns out, college probably was the right choice for me. But the book was still an interesting read, and it remains so to this day. Maybe it’s a bit dated, but being as much a treatise on human nature as anything, and given human nature changes slowly, if at all, it’s still worth my time to occasionally peruse.

Used copies aren’t cheap, but you can get it online.

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