Happy Columbus Day


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I’ve never been one to celebrate Columbus Day, but since it seems to piss off all the right people, I’m going to this year. Happy Columbus Day!

Without much sense of irony here, I’m going to warn again that things are coming to a head. The bitty burg I live near is getting tense. People look at others as if with new eyes-and not friendly eyes. People are separating themselves from those with whom they don’t agree, not because of the disagreement, but because they feel their safely is being threatened. It’s not bad yet, but give it a week or two.

Remember, things can go crazy in a few hours (looking at you, Kenosha). Your time is very short. If you aren’t ready, do what you can today.

1 thought on “Happy Columbus Day

  1. I work in a private home caring for some disabled people. I was totally serious when I told them that if some suits come to the door looking for their worker's guns, say only "I'm sorry, they were all lost in a tragic boating accident" then
    STFU and close the door. I don't think they are taking things seriously. Sigh.

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