Sunday Reading

 I’m going to do something that feels weird to me, but I’m going to recommend a book that I haven’t finished reading. It’s that good so far.

Odd Billy Todd isn’t your normal “doomer porn” book. Yes, there is the disease that kills nearly everyone. But it’s told from the point of view of Billy Toddy, a young man with an unspecified mental disability.

Bill finds himself as, he believes, the sole survivor of The Plague. Billy’s late parents have taught him various coping skills, making the most of his abilities. They also left him a working farm, supplies, and notebook after notebook on how to think about and deal with various likely scenarios once they weren’t around.

Billy soon finds out that he isn’t the last survivor, and that’s where things start moving quickly.

The book reminds me, in a fashion, of James Wesley, Rawles’ Patriots. It spends some time on the things his parents taught him, on the notebooks they left and how he works out his own plans. Once might say it is a basic survival manual wrapped in a good story.

This might be an excellent holiday gift for someone you know who hasn’t yet gotten on board with prepping.

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