Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 21: Observations

In the past two weeks, I’ve been out and about a lot, and I have seen things worth seeing.

I have seen a lot of people wearing masks, and a lot of people not wearing them. In some places, nearly everyone wears them and in some places, no one does. The closest thing to a pattern I can see is that people wear them in places that threaten to kick them out if they don’t, like grocery stores and medical offices. In places like the local Republican Party HQ, where I have recently started working as a volunteer, not so much. Case in point: Yesterday a guy comes in, looks at us, sees no one wearing a mask, hold his up and asks “What should I do with this?” In three part harmony, he got a rousing chorus of “Stick it in your pocket!”

For the record, none of us working were under 60 and all of us have at least one “strike” against us if we catch the Wuflu. We know the danger and we are willingly accepting it. Personally, I don’t feel like I’m taking a big chance. I just did the math based on the numbers quoted in every big newspaper in the state, and the death rate for Wuflu in North Carolina is 0.12% as of my writing this. It sucks for those folks who have died, and I don’t want to become one of them, but I plan on living while I’m alive. That doesn’t mean cowering at home, afraid to go out for groceries or a meal. 

Neither will I allow our local terrorists to intimidate me. In the bitty burg nearest to my home, Republican Party HQ is 2 blocks down the street from the local Confederate memorial statue. I was recently asked to volunteer to work there, and I am. From what I am told and per my own observations, every night for a month+, the local BLM (and now some legit Antifa, or so I’m told) are on the side of the street opposite the statue, while a group going by various names, most popularly “Guardians”, keep the statue company. Police sit between the two groups. In keeping with the “Don’t go stupid places and do stupid things with stupid people” advice from John Farham, I don’t go up there. I stay down on “my end of the street”.

BLM has decided that Republicans are all racists, bigots, hate blacks and women-the standard issue crap you hear from them on a daily basis. Yesterday they decided send a representative down to walk back and forth in from of our store front and inform the public of their opinion, using a bullhorn. Can you say “voter intimidation”, kids?

This not the first time this has happened (#3, so I’m told), so there is a protocol. Lock the doors, call the cops and stand by to leave via the rear entrance. Don’t confront them directly unless things are in the process of going sideways.

And yes, everyone who works in Republican Party HQ, even the sweet old little granny ladies, carries. I have never seen so many J-frames in one place in my life.

Interestingly enough, while we were on the phone directly to the local constabulary, by-passing 911, our visitor got a most interesting text message and de-assed the AO in a hurry, heading back up to his part of the street. Did I mention the persistent rumor that the city police have been ordered to “stand down” unless it comes to actual assaults (or worse). Yeah….

I’d also love to know how someone who apparently doesn’t work could afford those nice new Nike sneakers he had on. But I’m being a hater, so we’ll move on. Let’s just sum it up as yet another festive event during the Time of Wuflu. I expect more and worse to happen between now and November, and am taking steps to be even better prepared.

Local grocery stores appear to be well stocked, although prices are on the rise. There are spot shortages of various things at various stores, as I noted last time. It would seem everyone has their supply chain issues. I am seeing many unfamiliar brands, including some that are apparently meant for out-of-country consumption.

Local schools are back in session, although no students are present in the schools. It’s all being done on-line, and from what I can gather, it’s going about as well as it did in the spring. In anything from 3-8 weeks the school systems will be re-evaluating their plans. I have heard that a few parents have already re-evaluated theirs and have pulled their kids to home school them. I have no idea how wide-spread that is.

Local firearms emporiums are fighting Old Mother Hubbard Syndrome-the cupboard is bare. In talking to a couple of them, they are getting deliveries of guns and ammo, and they are going out as fast as they come in. If you have a gun you want or need to sell, this is a great time to do it.

Somewhat more disturbingly, I have talked to several folks who are
quite…outspoken…on the subject of guns and ammo and the need to put
both to use sooner rather than later. Some advice-don’t play into the Left’s hands. They are doing everything they can to push a confrontation where things get out of hand and there are bodies left in the blood-drenched streets. Don’t help them make that plan a reality. It won’t help you and it won’t help further our side. As hard as it is, count to 10 yet again and wait for them to make it happen instead. Think strategy, not tactics.

People are being more and more outspoken on our Oberbahnsturnfurhrer Governor Richard Cooper actions about Wuflu and various economic issues associated with the continuing lock down and closure orders. If folks around here are indicative of the rest of the rural parts of the state, I hope he hasn’t gotten too comfortable in the Governor’s Mansion. We’re going to be sending him a gift card at the local U-Haul.

Overall, I have a sense that we are going to see a number of trends will come together around the time of the election in November. (Bear in mind it could happen as early as tomorrow if someone gets very stupid.) I sense that it’s not going to be a pleasant thing, although how bad it will be no one can say with any certainty. Use the remaining time to see to your preparations. It appears that no area will get through this unscathed.

Edit 1627: Editied to have the right “part” number. Also, I’ve heard that BLM has been back to visit Republican Party HQ, 3 of them this time. They’re going to keep pushing until someone gives them what they’re really after.

One thought on “Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 21: Observations

  1. " inform the public of their opinion, using a bullhorn" We had a local do that in a restaurant. He got arrested for extortion as he was threatening to burn it down if he didn't get free beer and food.

    "-the cupboard is bare" A local gun store just got robbed which surprised me in two ways: 1) I've never seen an ad from them and 2) they had guns- 30 of 'em.

    "even the sweet old little granny ladies, carries." Go, Granny!

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