It appears I was wrong about legalizing drugs

I’m one of those small-l-libertarians who has always held that if we legalized drugs, the problems associated with illegal drugs would go away.

Empirical evidence strongly suggests I’m very wrong. Scroll down to the bottom of the February 5 edition of The Tactical Wire and read the piece titled “War In The Woods: Illegal Immigration, Drugs and Wildlands”. Pretty eye-opening. I plan on watching the documentary tonight.

It seems that legalizing marijuana has brought the illegal growers out of the woodwork. To make matters worse, they import illegal aliens and banned chemicals to do their work, while leaving destruction in their wake. Legal growers can’t compete because they’re regulated like any other agricultural operation.

President Trump is right about our southern border. It has to be rendered as impermeable as possible. Now. It won’t stop the problems, but it should put a big dent in them.

One thought on “It appears I was wrong about legalizing drugs

  1. uh, the answer is to deregulate as well. the market will always self correct. btw, where exactly do you and/or your friends get the right to dictate ingestion of anything?..

    ….non drug using free marketer with guns

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