I swear, they all belong to the same union

Last month, it was the lawn tractor. This month, the pressure washer.

I suppose I can’t complain, as it has worked far beyond what I suspect was its designed duty cycle for some 10 years. And it was purchased refurbished. When I went to crank it up Monday, it couldn’t maintain pressure. Squeeze the trigger and you got pressure for a second, then lost it. Lather, rinse, repeat. It was getting late, and I decided to work on it tomorrow (Tuesday). That went as well as Monday. The more I worked with it, the fewer intervals of pressure I got. I finally gave up and took it to my Ace Small Engine Guy, who gave me the dreaded phrase.

Well, just damn.

This is not a good time to buy anything lawn equipment-wise. ASEG bid me to look at his sales floor. “What’s on it is what I have until next spring.” It’s going to be a long winter, I fear.

There was one pressure washer, a “scratch and dent”, at what I felt was an excessive price. However, it really wasn’t, when you figure that comparable brands with the same specs sold for the original price of this one. So I figured that Mrs. Freeholder would just have to tell me how many and what kinds of idiot I am, and I brought it home.

A Honda engine and 3600 PSI of cleaning goodness. Tomorrow I get to do 2 1/2 days of work in a day. Because after tomorrow, the weather is going downhill in a hurry. Rain for 2 days, then a big unseasonably cold front coming through. I am not pressure washing with icicles hanging off the spray gun. Not doing it.

And I have a nice 5.5 HP Honda engine that I need to see if I can make lemonade with. I have these visions of a go cart in the shape of a Triumph Spitfire in my mind….

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  1. We’ve picked up some things on the free page of Craigslist. Some need work, some things are good. Got a riding mower this year that only needed a new carburetor. I think pressure washers show up sometimes. It’s also a good place to get rid of what you don’t need anymore.

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