Wuflu arrives (Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 5)

We have a “presumptive positive” case of Wuflu in my back yard. Not happy about it, but it was inevitable, so we’re going to go with the flow. Time to increase the social distancing and staying home thing.

Up until now, I have ventured out each day, partly on my own errands (picking up things for projects while at home) and partly to help out some neighbors, both of whom are in their upper 60s with nasty comorbidities. Not sure how much I’ll venture out in the future. This needs some research and consideration. I’ll have to go out for doctor visits and prescriptions. I don’t have to go for groceries, but out plan had been to eat from the store as long as we could. Maybe we’ve done that.

Fortunately we are stocked up. That feels good. I’ve never been able to persuade Mrs. Freeholder to do this before, and I hope she’ll not backslide when this is over.

I ventured to a local meat packer today to pick up stuff for Daughter and Son, who can’t get there themselves because of work. Parking lot full, line out the door and police present. I decided that discretion was in order and passed on by. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and will try again.

The one grocery store I passed was open and crowded for the time of day, but nothing like I’ve seen recently. Didn’t go in, so not sure if it is empty or the initial panic is over. Most businesses open, except for restaurants of all sorts. They’ve been closed by order of the governor. They can still run drive-thrus and takeout.

Public schools are closed. Mrs. Freeholder has nonetheless been at school the last 3 days. She’ll work from home from here on out, but under some idiotic restrictions and reporting requirements. She’s unhappy with those. I told her it beats not being paid.

Having figured out this won’t be over in two weeks, her school system is desperately trying to gear up for distance learning without the requisite infrastructure or training, and with a student base who doesn’t fully have access to computers or the Intertubz at home and who has never been exposed to the concept, let alone the practice. As a former IT Director who had to deal with such things at a university level, I’m anticipating great fun watching this. Perhaps I should tell them I’m available for consulting, via Skype.

Life continues. Keep your eyes and ears open and think. Make your risks well-considered ones.

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