I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to podcasts. It’s a great way to multi-task. Mowing the yard? Listen to a podcast. Driving to Charlotte? Listen to a podcast. You get the idea.

This morning it was the morning routine of stretching and exercises. I’m behind on my podcasts because I’ve been revisiting many SF books I read lo these many years ago, and today’s binge was the McAlvany Weekly Commentary. I’m probably guilty of reinforcing my echo chamber with this one, but David McAlvany is so erudite that I don’t care.

This past week’s podcast was a rare interview podcast, this time with Bill King. (Note–It’s worth visiting his website just for his link list covering the various aspects of money and finance.) Entitled The Big Money Players Are Moving Into Gold, It’s worth the time it’s going to take you to listen. Usually, the podcast is 30ish minutes, this one’s closer to 75. I’m not halfway through it and I’ve stopped to dash this post off.

His thoughts on how we’ve been lied to, in terms of our economy, are the main thrust of the first half hour, but be sure to pay attention to his thoughts on how some Deep State types didn’t let the Covid Crisis go to waste and suckered in not only the vast majority of the First World’s population but Donald Trump as well. This starts around 20-25 minutes in, I think.

I’ve read some comments here and there about how Trump looked troubled or puzzled at a lot of the Wuflu press conferences. I have to wonder if it wasn’t because he had some inkling that perhaps he was being played. If King is correct, he was masterfully played, because the game wasn’t to destroy the economy to force some Great Reset–that was an unanticipated outcome. It was to destroy Trump’s chances for re-election.

Were various aspects of the Deep State unaware of the steps each other was taking, or did they just believe in overkill? Will we ever know?

Something more to consider.

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