Toss a bunch out on their ear

And the rest (mostly) get religion. After a series of election losses for ARRL incumbents, plus the (in appearance, at least) hasty departure of a new president, it seems we members got the attention of our Board of Directors.

Addressing an ARRL governance issue, the Board repealed the ARRL Policy on Board Governance and Conduct of Members of the Board of Directors and Vice Directors, commonly known as the “Code of Conduct,” on an 11-3 vote with one abstention.

The Board voted unanimously to create a Legal Structure Review Committee to study and make recommendations to update ARRL’s legal structure “to reflect ARRL’s current operational needs.”

Yeah. “…current operational needs.” Like keeping the membership happy with the direction of our national amateur radio group. They’ve already gotten the membership involved, and it cost a lot of people their cozy little positions of power. I know I didn’t vote for the Roanoke Division incumbents. A lot did; more didn’t. This happened in other divisions as well.

Now if we could just make this happen on a national level.

One thought on “Toss a bunch out on their ear

  1. I thought they lost their way a while back. EmComm became Public Service. (As if that will be the leverage to defend bandwidth.)

    Every photo (in the last edition I saw) in the magazine was of guys 50 or older.

    On the podcast front, there is Ham Nation – which while it was good, was also a trip down memory lane with constant reviews of antique equipment. Very little on digital modes. Almost none on satellites. Though again, I have not seen it in a very long time.

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