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Son is something of a gamer, as in computer and console gamer.  Enough so that he has purchased a specialized computer set up specifically for gaming.

I’ve had servers that were in smaller cases than this behemoth.  One of the guys at work who also has this affliction helped him configure it, and I threw in my $0.02 worth from my days building specialized high performance servers.  For what he has invested in it, the sucker is quick.  (Shout out to the folks at CyberpowerPC.  They do nice work.)

Unfortunately, the 802.11ac wireless in The Freehold just isn’t good enough, or so I’m told.  The connection must be wired.  So after 10 years of living wirelessly, I have to pull data cable in the place.  And since I have to do it, I’m going to wire the entire place.  So each TV gets a drop, my work space gets 2 drops (rank hath its privileges) and a drop in the workshop for working on computers and one to the ham radios for their needs.

However, we are doing this on a semi-frugal basis.  I have a number of items salvaged from various tear outs of Cat 5e vintage.  One of these items is an Amp pre-wired 12 port punch down block.  Usually such things are well labeled as to which wire gets punched down where.  Not this one.  But Google to the rescue, and eventually I was able to determine how to properly punch down my connections.

However, while on the search, I came across a bunch of other stuff, some of which I sent off to Mountain Man, which engendered a return of other stuff.  Being pressed for time, I’m just going to give you the links and let you sort through it for yourselves.  Me, I’m bookmarking it for viewing in my Copious Spare Time or retirement, whichever comes first.

Enjoy the links.  But beware Alice, that’s a rabbit hole you’re going down.

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