Where has this been all my life?

(Via Recomendo)

A method in which “cords and charging cables will stay wrapped, won’t get tangled, and are very easy to unwrap.”  I suspect it can be applied to things like rope, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet.

Things like this give me hope that the world may yet pull its head out of its arse.

4 thoughts on “Where has this been all my life?

  1. Can't watch videos here presently. Is this the "over-and-under" method used by rock-star-roadies for the AV cables? It allows you to simply hang on to one end and toss the coil to wherever it is headed kink-free.

  2. Sorry Robert, the Internet needs to come with a sarcasm font. What this is is just a guy who wraps the cable around his hand, then wraps the last bit around the cable and tucks it through. It's making fun of all the videos out the that purport to "teach" widely known skills that have been taught by mothers and fathers to their kids for generations.

    Now then, about this over-and-under method…that sounds like something that might be useful and not widely known.

  3. Ahh, jeez. 🙂

    The US Navy taught me how to reef a line or flake a fire hose. Youtube taught me a better way for AV cable. Start by making a coil in the usual way but then alternate wraps go under the previous wrap while maintaining the same… handedness..direction of wrapping… (Obviously, we need video; a word picture is lamentably insufficient). Hard to describe. Works beautifully for cumbersome coax. Deploying said coax requires but a toss in the desired direction. Sorry, don't remember the utube author. Thanks for the reply.
    73 de ka9vsz

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