“Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door”

Actually quite a few visitors. In addition to the one in the image, I’ve had visits from the following:

  • (Philadelphia, PA)
  • (Normandie, France)
  • (Toeroekbalint, Hungary)
  • (Macau, Macao)
  • (Cagnola, Italy)
  • (Brisbane, Australia)
  • (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

and 36 other IP addresses. J. Random Hacker is a busy, busy boy.

Now, I’m under no illusions that the attacks originate from those locations. Likely they are compromised machines being used by J. Random and his buddies. My best guess is that they are all trying to exploit a recent hole in the software that runs my firewall/router. Unfortunately for them, I own a brand that is very good about support after the sale, and I regularly get software updates. I got one just this past week. They are downloaded and installed while we sleep. This hardware wasn’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than getting my home network compromised.

Don’t buy cheap firewall/routers, folks.

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