I would like to note the passing of a patriot

Mike Vanderboegh, husband, father of three, and founder of the III% movement passed peacefully in his beloved Alabama homeyesterday.

Mike was not everyone’s cup of tea.  His uncompromising belief in the raw words of the Constitution and his oath taken so many years ago, which lead him to found the III percent movement, made many lessor men uncomfortable.

That, dammit, is why they are lessor men.  That is why we are watching an election where our choices are between a traitorous old harridan and a bombastic, untrustworthy serial bankruptcy specialist.  We are in this position because there are far too few Mike Vanderboeghs in this world and far too many Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike.  My loss.  But I’ve read a lot of the things he wrote.  I don’t agree with them all, but the power of his belief shines through every word he wrote. and I have to respect that.

There was a commercial a few years back with a tagline I’m going to steal.  It would be a better country if more of us would “Be Like Mike”.

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