It’s not the “Grand Old Party”

(Via the Drudge Report)

It’s the Grumpy and Ossified Party.

Mitt Romney is just the latest in a string of people the Masters of the Universe GOP have ordered to trot out and engage The Donald.  These people have apparently never read the Top 100 Things to Do If You Become an Evil Overlord, in particular #80.  So much for the Democrats complaints about the e-e-evil Republicans.  They aren’t evil, they’re tone deaf and inept.

Perhaps they need a 5 year old to vet their plans.

If any of the Masters of the GOP happen by here, or any of their minions happen by, let me lay this out for you.  I used to be a registered Republican voter.  I dropped that years ago when it became glaringly obvious that my party didn’t give a tinker’s damn about me and my beliefs except when they wanted to raise money or when they wanted me to be a good little voter and pull the lever for an (R) candidate.

I’m sorry, but I can think for myself.  Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake, and often I give the benefit of the doubt where it isn’t deserved.  I give second and third chances far more often than I should.  But I will always eventually see the light, raise my middle finger and issue a loud and hearty “Fuck you!” to the deserving.

The catharsis is most enjoyable.

Even though many say voting is a waste of effort, I disagree.  I voted today in my state’s primaries, and I even took advantage of our semi-open primary system to declare as Republican this time around.  Not for any love of the Grumpy and Ossified, but because on the national level I wanted to stick my thumb in their eye in the Presidential primary.

But, dear Master or Minion, when November comes around and I can vote for whoever I please, I will be the one who does not give a tinker’s damn.  So be very careful when convention time comes.  Watch the shenanigans.  You don’t like The Donald?  Tough.  A lot of people do, and they don’t give a rip about your precious party and what you want.  They don’t care if they rip your precious party to little tiny (R)-labeled bits.  It’s not their party, you’ve made that very clear.  They get the message; they have no love for it now.  If The Donald comes in with the delegates to have the nomination and you screw him out of it, there will be hell to pay.

Tread carefully.

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