Freedom marches on

It’s hard to know exactly how to process this sort of news.  On one hand, at a national level we have politicians who are, as a group, mostly so-so on our rights.  However, the closer we get to where We The People actually live, the more interest they seem to take in safeguarding our rights.  Case in point, the West Virginia, who yesterday overrode a gubernatorial veto, told their police pressure groups to go pound sand and pushed through Constitutional Carry legislation.

(I used the WV Gazette article as my link just for fun, so you can get a good dose of “The blood will run in the streets!” rhetoric.  In a year, you have to wonder if they will be willing to look back and issue a mea culpa when the blood has once again stubbornly failed to do so.  No, I am not accepting bets on this.  Call the people in Atlantic City.)

You have to wonder why that is.  Is it simply because, unlike Congress, they can’t easily exempt themselves from the laws they pass?  Or is it that they are physically closer to the people they represent, and it’s easier for us to get in their face and let them know that their jobs are in danger if they don’t represent correctly?  I certainly don’t believe it’s because they are a better quality politician; too many of them move up to Congress and we’ve seen how they perform there.

At any rate, as the son of a pair of West Virginia expats, I would like to congratulate the state of my parents’ birth.  Love you guys, and see you on the yearly fishing trip this summer.

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