How about some good news?

Dave Markowitz notes a paper from scholar Dr. John Lott, “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States”, which is just chock full of concealed carry goodness, as well as being guaranteed to make any gunbanner cry in their pinot noir.  Among the more interesting facts:

  • The number of permittees is up substantially
  • The number of Constitutional Carry states is up
  • Taking all things into account, it is the number of adults with concealed carry permits that is driving crime down
  • Concealed carry permit holders are incredibly law-abiding citizens

It seems that the blood that is always predicted by those who would ban guns still stubbornly refuses to flow in the streets.  Now if we can start getting rid of the criminal friendly gun free zones, maybe we can end their blood dancing antics once and for all.

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