Happy Halloween!

Normally, the family gathers at a local restaurant for a meal and to see how each other’s week has gone. But with Son grounded due to the Wuflu (he’s feeling fine and looking forward to going back to work) and Daughter and son-in-law at their church for “Trunk-or-Treat”, Mrs. Freeholder and I are on our own.

Before cheese. As I said, I like a lot of meat on my pies.

So pizza it is.

If we want pizza, we have to do it at home. Store-bought pizza of any sort that I like (I’m partial to meat, and a lot of it) is loaded with the nitrites and nitrates that are used to cure the meat. Those are a big trigger for my migraines. Fortunately, I’ve been able to locate “uncured” sausage locally and “uncured” pepperoni on Amazon.

Uncured doesn’t mean the meat isn’t preserved, it just means that it isn’t done with the evil nitrites and nitrates. MSG is normally off the table as well.

We bought a Betty Crocker Pizza Machine, which makes the cooking nearly foolproof. It also reduces heat in the summer, since you don’t have to heat up an oven to have pizza. It can also travel if needed-I’m thinking pizza might be fun while camping.

This one was our first try at this particular pizza, and it worked out deliciously. We’re up to everything being homemade except the crust, and that’s going to be our next effort.

We also have candy at the ready, just in case we get a trick-or-treater. It’s been 2 years since we’ve had one-not even the kids in the neighborhood trick-or-treat there. The houses are rather far apart and too many folks just can’t seem to be bothered. And of course, there are the trunk-or-treats, which are perceived by parents to be safer.

Growing up in town, I fondly remember Halloween. You might go singly, but usually you wound up with a group, often ad hoc, going from house to house. We had a route that we worked that maximized the candy take. Plus I had to be sure I hit every relative in the neighborhood, because I had special treats waiting there.

Very different times.

We were able to recreate that for our kids at a campground where we used to park the RV for the late-spring-summer-fall period. Kids of campers and grandkids of campers, holy cow it was a blast. One couple always had cases and cases and cases of full-size Hershey bars to give out. People decorated their campsites. We would get 3-4 families together, giving out candy. Always a big cookout after, with desert provided by the kids.

Very good times.

Pardon the blur on some of those pictures, but some of them are old. Shot with my first digital camera.

Looking at the dates on those pictures makes you aware of how long it’s been. Looking at the one of me makes me wonder where that skinny guy went. I guess in the same way Autumn makes us well aware of the of time, so does looking at the old family pictures. I’m looking forward to grandkids and hope that we can do it all again in a new place.

I hope you enjoy your Halloween.

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