Christmas Eve

So we find ourselves on Christmas Eve (actually Day as I write this) and Mrs. Freeholder is busily wrapping presents. I’ve been doing the housework–vacuuming and so on–because she’d rather wrap. It works.

We’ve had our first visitors of the season, friends of Son and ours. We’ve known these kids, now grown adults with lives of their own, since they were all in high school together. They’re good kids, a blessing to their parents, us, and society.

In a couple of hours, we’ll head back to Daughter’s for Part 2 of the family Christmas. Part 1 was last night so we could have Brother-In-Law’s son-in-law with us. Math Guy is a bit of an odd duck, just finishing up a Ph.D. in mathematics and looking to teach at the college/university level. Having worked in that milieu for some years, I understand that being faculty these days is a hard row to hoe. I hope it works out for him. Mrs. Freeholder’s family has traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve, and that conflicted with Math Guy’s family, who is also a Christmas Eve bunch. So we did Christmas Eve’s Eve so we could have him and his wife (our niece) with us for a change.

Tonight will be us, our children, Son-In-Law and the GrandThings. It will probably be as noisy, with much destruction as presents are unwrapped. It will be fun.

For those of you who will also be celebrating tonight, Merry Christmas. Keep your eyes open for this guy.

I hear he specializes in midnight raids. 🙂

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