Score one for the home team

So I get a call from the John Deere dealer this afternoon. It’s going to be almost $1800 to repair my lawn tractor. Most of that goes to fix what I thought was a minor transmission leak. There is no such thing as a “minor transmission leak”. The transmission needs to be dropped, cracked open, new case seals installed, reassembled and reinstalled.

Oh, and it needs a new PTO clutch. Owie.

However, this afternoon I was able to complete, on my own and without any further expense, my long-delayed project to repair the ATV. Now I have something to tow around the miscellaneous lawn things. You know, I’ve never seen a spark plug fail-especially not when the original problem was a totally glommed fuel system. I have been futzing with this thing for a while now, and it was a bad spark plug. Spares, plural, are on order.

Bear in mind this sort of work isn’t exactly my specialty. If you want something computer- or network-related, or IT management, I’m your boy. But things that run on gas? Not so much. Still…

2 thoughts on “Score one for the home team

  1. I use my atv for towing, hauling wood, and a thousand other chores. The trailers are useful for moving everything. I have a large wire basket on the front for carrying tools. We never had a riding mower until this year, but that’s all it does for us, is mow. The atvs are the best purchase we made. Mine is just a small Honda Recon, but it’s a workhorse for it’s size.

  2. I should find myself some sort of basket to throw tools and such in, but I’ll have to make it removable. If it should manage a decent snow here, I plan on going out to play!

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