Report from the OP, March 18, 2022

This report has both good, meh and bad news. Bad news first, meh second and good news last to cheer you up.

Wednesday I had the sad duty to attend the memorial service for a friend and former co-worker at our shared place of work. He was 50, a cancer survivor, fully vaxxed as required by his employer and as recommended by the medical establishment. He suffered 4 strokes over a period of two months. Something that is not well-known outside of the circle of stroke patients and those who care for them, but swallowing is often impaired after a stroke. Food must be cut up into baby-sized bites and well chewed. He made a mistake, didn’t get it small enough or didn’t chew it enough or both and choked on a piece of chicken. By the time his airway was cleared-nearly 30 minutes-he had suffered massive brain damage. Fighter that he was, even after they took him off life support he hung in there for several days before passing.

He had a difficult childhood and life. In the last two years or so, he had finally found his groove. No matter how bad things got, he never gave up. Not one single time in the time I knew him. He kept trying. After a long time, things were going well for him in most ways. A secure job, a bad marriage settled and a new girlfriend. Then this. It makes you wonder about many things.

Oddly enough, his passing allowed me to reconnect with many other coworkers that I never expected to see again. I had left this place, not under a cloud, but perhaps under a cloud of lies and half-truths. Long story where, in the end, the guilty party got his. 32 months in a Federal pen and $500,000 in restitution. Those who followed me were apparently massively incompetent and I guess I smelled like a rose in comparison. I’ve been invited back to visit, have lunch and so on. I probably will, after a decent interval.

I guess that was both bad and good news, really. Funny how things work out.

As far as meh news, things continue to fall apart at their so far steady, measured pace. I’ve seen a couple more RVs being used as housing. I’ve seen some new houses being built. It’s becoming obvious, when you go to a grocery store or any big box anything store, that people are under increasing economic stress. They’re getting a certain look to them when they shop.

Locally, crime is nicking up. More property crimes, especially gas thefts. Maybe a little more violent crime. I am armed everywhere, and may soon be carrying a long gun in the vehicle.

Gas prices are steady at $3.97-4.00 with diesel at $5.08 or so. Cheap in the Bitty Burg. Higher all around us. Beats me why, but I’ll take it.

But let’s do some good news, shall we?

Daughter and Son-In-Law came by this evening. Joyous news! She’s 10 weeks pregnant. Due to poor outcome of her previous pregnancy, they jumped to the head of the line for testing and ultrasound. Heartbeats-yes, plural-were heard. Ultrasound shows twins, sex obviously indeterminate at this point. But definitely twins. “Dichorionic diamniotic” twins, meaning they each have their own placenta. Could be fraternal or identical. And while it’s really early in the process, we have much hope for a positive outcome.

It’s getting late on a Friday night, and still there are things to do. Out here.

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  1. Congratulations to Daughter and Son-In-Law! Prayers for continued health and success. Soon enough you will be a Grandpa and life as you know it will forever change again.

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