This past weekend, we got our 2 minute warning in relationship to the change of seasons. While it wasn’t that cold (lows in the mid-40s, highs in the mid 70s) and the daily temperatures quickly recovered to the seasonal averages, it serves to remind us that time is passing, and we need to be mindful of that. I had been planning on ordering some firewood, but the local supply was thin and sketchy. Then I happened across a fellow who cuts firewood as a side gig and ordered 2 cords from him. That’s what you see in the featured image.

It’s good wood. Well seasoned, consistent lengths and all oak. Not cheap, but not out-of-reason expensive. Guy’s name is Joshua, a good, solid Old Testament sort of name, and he seems to be a good, solid sort of young man. That’s a good thing to see in today’s world. I have his number and instructions to call him in early September next year for resupply. That’s turned into a calendar event.

Mrs. Freeholder and I have had a look at the economics of burning wood and needing to run a supplemental propane heater in the basement when I’m working down there versus running the heat pump, which heats both up and downstairs. I don’t like it, but the heat pump comes out on top. The chiropractor’s bill figured into that calculation.

I was raised in a house primarily heated with wood. I’ve spent many hours with my Dad cutting, bucking splitting (by hand back then) and hauling wood. I’ve cleaned chimneys and installed wood stoves. But that’s back when I was much younger and less used up than now. I’m not going to say that I won’t do those things still, but I’m going to do less of them. That will allow me time to do other projects that I can do without the outsize “wear on the body” factor. I really should have paid attention to the advice about lifting with your legs and all that.

As a prepper for so many years, it bothers me that I am becoming more reliant on others for some of my needs. But I guess that too is a change of seasons. I won’t be getting rid of my chainsaws and wood splitter, but I will use them far less often than I have.

We’ll still maintain a goodly supply of wood in case of a power failure, for particularly cold spells or simply when we’d like to have a fire, such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I still prefer wood heat to anything else, much as I prefer a 2700o K LED bulb to a 5000o one. I’ve been around that kind of heat and that kind of light all my life, and I’m used to it. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of “comforting”. I know that I find a large woodpile and a full larder to be comforting.

Well, the Wood Stacking Fairy didn’t show up last night, so Mrs. Freeholder and I are up. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “2 Minute Warning

  1. I I absolutely love wood pile and a wood fire. Used to have a Jotul wood stove to augment my oil based heater in our last house. The current house does not have that and I do regret it. There is something to be said when their is a full and split wood pile of well seasoned wood during a good blow. Add the full larder for an extra measure of comfort…..
    Take Naproxen for the lower back pain pain…been there.

  2. Taking a break from carrying wood right now. 4 “yard trailer” loads carried and stacked and another loaded. I’m going to knock off when I get to 6 for an online radio club meeting tonight.

    I wish I could take naproxen-that was my goto for a long time. But my migraines are linked with a nasty case of GERD, so per my neurologist and my gastrologist, NSAIDS are off the menu almost entirely. If the family history of arthritis finds me, I’m going to have a difficult time.

    It’s weird. In some ways, I won the genetics lottery. But in others, I totally crapped out.

  3. Yeah I spend every day stacking the wood in most of September, and on into October. The power company cleaned up old trees on our road this year, so we have a ton of wood. Canning and freezing the vegetables, getting more meat. The freezer is full, I’m running out of jars. It’s a good feeling, to be ready.

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