Fine Art Tuesday

The Yellow Lampshade by Virginia B Evans, 1930

In light of my recent journey to West Virginia, I thought an artist from that state would be apropos.

Virginia B Evans was born in Moundsville, WV in 1894 and became “an important figure in the field of art in the Upper Ohio Valley during the mid-twentieth century.” She worked in both expressionist and abstract styles. She had an extensive art education, including time spent at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Institute of Technology School of Fine Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. She was an advocate for female artists.

This particular work struck my fancy. An older lady rests in her Florida room (a WV term for a 3 season porch) in the evening, reading what appears to be the evening newspaper. It speaks of a time that was before television intruded into our lives and when one’s intake of the day’s news had to be more participatory than simply sitting in front of the TV, being talked at by talking heads. One can imagine a radio playing music softly in the background.

Our world used to be a better place.

1 thought on “Fine Art Tuesday

  1. I remember those days. Wish I could cut back more on this electronic tether, and I use it much less than other people.
    I find my attention span has decreased for reading. It annoys me, I used to read books and magazines and newspapers daily.

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