You got your knife on you?

(Via Kim DuToit)

As the son of West “By God” Virginia hillbillies, this sounds so familiar I could be sitting there on the stool beside the author.

The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives. Because real men carry a knife or three, every day.

And in a OMG moment, I went to their home page to see if the site was worth bookmarking, and the lead Article is “Remembering the Days of CB Radios“-and I just bought a President Washington base, because sometimes unlicensed communication just suits me.

Mine’s the third version, discernible by the 5 pin mike jack.

3 thoughts on “You got your knife on you?

  1. To not have a knife on you or at hand is simply unthinkable. A quick mental count says there are twelve in my room and five downstairs not counting the kitchen as that wouldn't be proper. Of course, several are replacements I bought just before finding the "lost" ones. Dangit.

    CB is 'sposed to be licensed but the FCC gave up years ago.

  2. Yeah, I had an actual CB license at one time. Probably still have it lurking in a box somewhere. However, since "the people" are supposedly the owners of the airwaves, I'm happy to see some unlicensed parts of the spectrum. With the recent lifting of distance restrictions, the libertarian part of me is really happy about the situation.

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