Good wood warms you twice

I wish

I keep thinking about that old saying, and wondering if making an online transfer to the natural gas company or the electric company might not be easier. Of course, if the power is out, those alternatives will be of no use.

I’m on the 12th “yard trailer” load going out to the woodshed, and I’m not sure that pile is getting any smaller. I believe it may be breeding at night.

Humor aside, this is a good, honest 2 cords of wood, and I expect once I’m done stacking it, I’m going to find it a bit over 2 cords.

I’m pretty proud of the stacking as well. The stack is as firm and tight as I’ve ever managed. This is a good thing because once the stacking is finished, I’m going to tarp it over (yes, even in the woodshed) and hope that the winter is warm enough that I don’t touch it.

Right now I’m taking a break and letting the feet rest. I’m like the old Hush Puppies commercial – “My dogs can’t breathe with shoes on!” In actuality, it’s the blasted neuropathy. I can manage shoes, but socks are a killer.

As I type this, I’m sitting in front of the radios and computer running FT8, testing out my “Field Day” antenna, which has been really hit or miss the last few times I’ve used it. This is the second time testing this particular configuration of it, and the second time the performance has been a stinker. I may go back to my initial configuration and see if it works as good as it did on the first try. If it does, this will be the first antenna I’ve ever had that worked better with fewer and shorter radials. But in a portable antenna, that will be a good thing.

Enough rest for the wicked. Time to go back to the work.

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