Fine Art Tuesday

Autumn’s Glory, Kyle Buckland
It’s said that art is supposed to evoke an emotion, a feeling, a time in your life. To me, this just feels like…home. Even though I didn’t grow up in the mountains, my family hails from West Virginia, and mountains are my heritage.
Kyle Buckland was born in Delaware but has relocated to Abingdon, VA to pursue his art. He is a en plein air artist, painting the outdoors, well, outdoors. He has works in private and corporate collections. I checked prices, and while they’re reasonable for original works, they’re beyond my ability. Pity. But at 48×48, they’re also beyond my space.
Kyle is obviously not as well known as some of the artists whose work I’ve featured, but I suspect it will speak to many. And that’s what fine art should do-speak to you.

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