Fine Art Tuesday

In the spirit of stretching the rules, I’m skipping the categories of dance and theater and going straight to cinema. I’ve viewing this cinema post as being in the subcategory of “documentary”.

Pearl Harbor Minute by Minute in Real Time (this is Episode 1) is an 11 part documentary on the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the forces of Imperial Japan. It’s well researched and compelling to watch. This is a good thing, because it takes 4-5 hours to watch it. Narrator Indy Neidell is a serious go-getter as a narrator. Definitely not dull and boring. The entire crew at TimeGhost History are very creative and always fun to watch. (Don’t miss anything that is behind the scenes.) They’re crowd funded (I’m a tiny little funder), but they must be well funded. Their production values are excellent and they have done a number of episodes from the scenes of the historical action, which is never inexpensive.

TimeGhost has done a full series on WWI, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and one on WWII, which this Pearl Harbor mini-series is a part. There are also other series, specials derived from various series and a small number of “behind the scenes” videos. Did I mention you shouldn’t miss those?

Highly recommended.

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