It seems the Deep State just won’t stop

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I’d really like to write about something else. Almost anything else, really. But you can’t pay attention to current events in the US and not have this come to your attention, and it’s too important to ignore, so I’m going to say a bit about it.

I’m referring to the article “The Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat picks up steam” by William A. Jacobson on Legal Insurrection. Excellent article; well written. So well written that I can give you the first paragraph along with the last two for the purposes of my discussion and allow you to read the remainder at your leisure.

First paragraph:

Since the election there has been an unprecedented attempt to unwind the election result. Events have accelerated on several fronts lately with attempts from outside and within to paralyze the Trump administration.

Last two paragraphs:

Not only is the Trump administration under unprecedented attack from outside, the foxes are inside the henhouse, and are gutting it from the inside out.

The attempt to unwind the 2016 election through paralyzing the Trump administration is a serious threat to our liberty. Our most basic of institutions, the transfer of power through elections, is under attack.

Between those Jacobson lays out his case for those statements, and lays it out well. However, as I said, if you’ve been paying attention, this is already obvious to you. The incessant media drum beating since the morning after the election, the crazed whining of the left, the seeming endless protests from January to May, all of it organized–yes, I said organized–to cripple the Trump presidency.

As Jacobson points out during that time we also had the “All Russia, all the time” crowd and enough leaks to sink a battleship. So far, they’ve all failed in their primary goal, which has been to force Trump out. The Left has committed the cardinal sin of under-estimating their opponent. He doesn’t play by their rules, and the pressure that would have driven a conventional politician out of office and simply rolled off his back.

They have, however, caused no end of trouble and continue to cause it. I suspect the “chaos” that is currently one of the talking points of the chattering class is simply the beginning Trump’s effort to put an end to some of this, the leaks in particular. I hope AG Session’s moves plus General John Kelly’s appointment as White House Chief of Staff indicate that the President is now fully fed up with the situation and is, in effect, taking off the gloves.

Of course, I ‘ve been wrong before, so we’ll have to see how this plays out. I will be cheered considerably if we see a couple of perp walks in the next week or two. Or perhaps H.R. McMasters’ head on a pike outside of Ft. Meade.

Even if the leaks subside, we still have Special Counsel Robert Mueller trolling about with what appears to be on its way to becoming a years-long fishing expedition, now complete with its very own Grand Jury. Nothing Good Will Come From This. Think Whitewater.

In the meantime, Trump’s base of supporters is still as loyal now as they were in November. If you watched any of last night’s speech in West Virginia, it’s apparent the man still has 100% of their support. They love the guy, and they are not buying into the media narrative. If anything, they are digging in deeper in support of him than they were in November, and he’s slowly recruiting more as news such as improving job numbers keep coming out.

You want a civil war? This is how you get a civil war. One side who thinks that they are smarter than everyone else, that they are entitled to lead, that they are, in essence, better, than everyone else. The other side one that looks at those people and their smug self-assuredness in the same way one looks at dog crap that has just been tracked on to the living room carpet.

Let either side get into a position where they can enforce the entirety (or perhaps even the majority) of their will on the other without any sort of escape route (#Calexit, anyone?), and you will see a civil war, or something close enough to it that it makes no difference.

It may already be too late. We don’t know what’s going on out of our sight in backrooms or via encrypted emails (or unencrypted email servers in someone’s bathroom). The events may already be underway for this war’s version of Ft. Sumter for all we know.

I’m not going to preach at you to be prepared. You’ve heard that sermon enough times already. If you haven’t taken that step, hearing it again won’t move you. I am going to say that this is the time to learn the minds and hearts of your friends, neighbors and co-workers. I’m not saying pry into their business, but listen when they talk. Get a feel for their beliefs and try to get an idea which side they might come down on if push comes to shove.

Above all, pay attention. Don’t rely on me or anyone else for information or warnings. While I appreciate your reading my thoughts on the matter, do your own reading and your own synthesizing.

Develop your own sources, get the data and turn it into information yourself.

Remember, the curse has come true–we live in interesting times. Now we get to deal with it.

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