Taking it up a notch

A bunch of Democrat elected types an one Hollywood star have received, or had intercepted by law enforcement, pipe bombs. One side claims that it’s President Trump’s fault, another side either calls for restraint and a third side believes that this is a “false flag”, organized to distract attention from Democrats’ slipping polls and the illegal immigrant march in Central America and Mexico just prior to the mid-term election.

I don’t care about all that in anything more than an academic way. What I do care about is the fact that someone is mailing bombs to people. No matter who is involved in mailing the bombs, their motivations or their politics, this is a distinct ratcheting up of action as we slip further and further toward a shooting civil war.

If you haven’t been concerned before, now would be a great time to get concerned. If you been concerned, this should be a motivator to go over your preparations for bad times, filling in the gaps.

Because if we don’t make a screeching U-turn soon, we’re going to have bad times in plenty.

2 thoughts on “Taking it up a notch

  1. If you are only now getting concerned, you haven't been paying attention.

    The shooting at the GOP softball practice.
    The attack on Rand Paul
    The arson attack on a GOP office in Wyoming
    2 GOP candidates attacked in Minnesota
    The general antics of Antifa

    And aside from the actual violence, you have Nancy Pelosi talking about "collateral damage" for people who disagree with them, Maxine Waters basically calling for the harassment of any and all GOP members of Congress or the administration, …

    The time to get worried was the day after the softball shooting.

  2. No, I'm not starting to get worried. I started getting concerned as soon as I saw the antics of the left at the President's inauguration. This is a new signpost on the road to civil war. What it tells me is that things are getting worse. Time will tell if the rate of deterioration is increasing.

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