Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 29: Here we go again

I was sort of hoping that I might be out of the Wuflu business. But no-o-o-!

Yesterday was errand day. I was out and about anyway, so might as well get it all done before the next deluge, courtesy of Not-now-a-Hurricane Eta, arrived.

While driving, I was listening to the radio, which was an exercise in patience. Every mainstream media outlet is on the “Biden won!” bandwagon, and given that my views differ, I get tired of hearing their propaganda. Just for the record, I think we’re in the midst of the biggest effort to steal an election in our lifetime.

May as well be sure I’m on The List.

Since I’ve been avoiding the mainstream media as much as possible, I wasn’t up on some of the latest shenanigans. It seems the folks who thought Corona-chan would be heading back home on Nov. 4 were wrong, and a bunch of panicky old women state governors have decided that the voters must be punished there is some semblance of an economy left we proles have not learned our proper place due to a rise in Wuflu cases we have to shut ‘er all down again. (sorry for the CNN link, but it was the best of a bunch of poor choices.) OMG, you need to stay home, cancel the holidays (they wish,) wear your mask and pray for the healthcare system, because it’s going to collapse under the weight. You know, like it didn’t do the first time we all bought into the madness.

I planned on hitting the Walmart where I was because A) we needed a few things and B) that particular Walmart is less prone to parking lot crime than the two closest ones. I’m glad that I went. It seems that people are panic shopping again.

I got one of the last 4 packages of paper towels. Toilet paper, which I’m now blessed with even more so than usual, was low. So was cat litter. I guess folks figured out that kitties poo too. Left the toilet paper for others, got some cat litter. Cleaning supplies were almost bare. Laundry items were low, especially chlorine bleach.

The grocery aisles were still mostly well stocked, but holes were opening up. Large sizes of things like cooking oil, rice, beans, peanut butter and the like were mostly gone. Baking goods were hammered, but that could be a function of the time of year. Other categories, like meats, were in good supply. 

Walmart is no longer a great place to buy ammo, but they had a few boxes of shotgun shells in the case. That was all there was.

No one was obviously panic shopping as far as I could tell. I’d say 2/3 of the customers and nearly all the workers were in masks with a few using face shields. No one was sanitizing carts or anything else.

Gas prices ranged from $1.73 to $2.00 at stations within a mile of each other.

I hit a Hardee’s drive-thru for lunch. There was no one in the (rare) open dining room and the entire staff was masked. I hit an auto parts place for some wiring connectors, and it seemed well stocked and doing a brisk business. None of the staff was wearing a mask.

Traffic seemed pretty normal. There were folks begging at the entrance to the Walmart shopping center. I didn’t see anyone making contributions to them. I think most folks around here have stopped, realizing that it just exacerbates the problem.

So, as usual, keep the faith. Good things are happening election-wise. Tend to your preps, or your pantry or whatever you like to call it. It seems we’re going back to the future.

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