Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 28: The madness continues

I had the iThing playing music yesterday and this
came on. Blame Apple for this post.

Indeed, the madness does continue and has gone one step beyond. Well, OK, we did that in April or thereabouts. At this point North Carolina has lost its mind.

Oberbannsturmfurher Cooper has decided we all need to stay in our Covid-proof cages for another 3 weeks, because more testing nets more Wuflu cases. And he would like localities to start fining the heathens who refuse to obey his executive orders.

Go pound sand, asshole. No one here wants to suffer any longer while you and your tame Health and Human Services secretary “use a ‘dimmer switch’ analogy” to explain your thought processes “describe how the state will gradually loosen restrictions on businesses and leisure activity.”

I do wear a mask if I’m forced into it to obtain something necessary, or to vote, which I did today. Please note the crowd of voters, all of who practiced proper social distancing, kinda-sorta. Not. They did wear masks, because no mask, no vote. Seriously.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the parents who raised two generations of kids on participation trophies while wrapping them in bubble wrap are running, and ruining, things.

Life is a full contact sport. When I grew up, we played outside until dark, drank out of hoses, made ramps to jump out bikes on (while not wearing helmets) and sat too close to the TV. Our mothers smoked and drank while pregnant and we didn’t get vaccinated for every bug on the planet.

Somehow, we survived and thrived. But some of us must have been traumatized by the experience (or bumped their head falling of a bike) and came up with the notion that life was supposed to be safe, safe, safe. And those idiots are now running things into the ground.

In other news, the media is convinced that Democrats are going to sweep every race in the nation. Me, I’m not so sure. If I had to predict, I’d say Trump in a walk-off and Dem losses in state and local elections surpassing my best hopes. Of course, we still have nearly two weeks until the election, and the Russians/Ukrainians/Chinese/Martians can still win this for the Democrats. Or they can just cheat.

I watched some of last night’s Presidential Debate. It appeared Trump had a comprehensive list of  zingers ready and waiting for The Great Working Man From Scranton, thieving good old Uncle Perv Uncle Joe, everyone’s senile favorite uncle. Every time the poor bumbling fool opened his mouth, Trump was waiting. The cages episode was particularly good. The Democrat Party should be arrested for elder abuse.

In other news, gas prices are going down this week-I paid $1.80 for 87 octane yesterday. There are still the new normal spotty shortages in the stores. Meat is getting more expensive. A very few guns have shown up in local gun stores and they’re actually staying there for a day or three. Ammo, however, is still scarce. It comes in and goes out within a couple of hours.

Crime seems to be up, although not drastically. Most of the increase seems to be in the area of fast robberies (think purse snatching). Possibly the criminal class is getting a little more desperate as those “enhanced unemployment benefits” disappear.

Local folks who were involved in the failed fight to save our Confederate Memorial know a good thing when they see it, and have stolen BLM/Antifa’s tactic of taking demonstrations to the politicians’ homes-every night this week so far.

Republican Party HQ is a jumping place. I’ve never seen this sort of enthusiasm. We’re sending out campaign signs and selling Trump memorabilia to the point we’re running out of both. Rumor has it a county-wide Trump Train will take place Saturday. I hope it makes a tour through the mayor’s neighborhood. Perhaps with someone dressed as our disappeared memorial, standing in the bed of a pickup as they drive by.

I shall keep on keeping on, “doing the things” as Pastor Joe Fox of Viking Preparedness puts it. You do the same, OK?

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