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(The concept of “levels of shit” come from Aesop’s “Sh*t Mardi Gras” post. Using those levels as a periodic rating device comes from John Wilder’s “Civil War 2.0” series of posts. Both of these guys are worthy of your time. I am standing on the shoulders of giants, and I acknowledge that openly.)

You can be in various levels of shit throughout your life. Until recently, I would have wagered that 99% of us would never exceed “Shit Circus” at any point in our lives. What changes the last 3 months or so have brought.

The concept of “being in the shit” has probably been around since Ogg stepped in it early one morning when he went outside the cave to relieve himself, found out Gog had gotten there first, and “stepped in it”.

For the record, per Aesop the levels are:

  • Shit Show
  • Shit Circus
  • Shit Mardi Gras
  • Shit Riot
  • Shit Tsunami
  • Shit Apocalypse
  • We’re allowing the children to “burn it all down” in the name of a man who started out with a somewhat promising life but instead became a criminal and drug abuser, and who was killed by an out-of-control cop who should have been off the force and in jail years ago. This is a fairly straight-forward crime and should have been dealt with as such, and any well-functioning jurisdiction would have handled it quickly and efficiently. However, Minneapolis, and those with a larger agenda grabbed the opportunity and have created a crisis, which they’re now taking advantage of.

    Mommy and Daddy are nowhere in sight to discipline their little brats, and the forces of authority won’t because they are scared of what is going to happen to them if they do. So they kneel and crawl on their bellies before the mob, hoping they won’t be defunded, ran out of office or hung from the lamp posts.

    The current festivities stopped being about police brutality and over-reach as soon as the first window was broken. There is good evidence that this disorder has been planned for months if not years, and is being financed by the same people who have been running things from behind the scenes for decades, aided and abetted by the media, who will communicate whatever message is needed, truth and consequences aside. Children, you’re being masterfully played. You’ve been made deliberately ignorant by our “education” system, you’ve never learned to think for yourselves and you’re going to make great cannon fodder. You don’t even realize that that “1%” you so love to hate is pulling your strings, and you won’t until it’s wa-a-a-y too late.

    Those same children demand that the police be “defunded”, which is another way of saying “abolished”. But abolishing the police isn’t a realistic solution, except when your aim is to increase the problems at hand. Neighborhoods and subdivisions are forming their own ad hoc mini-militas out of fear that the cops won’t be there when they call. That’s a well-grounded fear, given the police’s recent performance and a number of Supreme Court decisions that have declared they do not have the requirement to either serve or protect the citizens who pay them. Let one of these neighborhoods get attacked, and the laws of self-defense will go out the window and the bodies on both sides will stack like cordwood. The event will be used to generate more chaos. More string-pulling, I believe.

    This. Is. Not. Going. To. End. Well. The rural peasants are armed this time, and the Red Guards 2.0 are going to find out that real life isn’t a video game. There are some who already know this, and those will need to be dealt with more carefully.


    Now, let’s look very briefly at some things you need to be keeping your eye on…

    Our supply chains are under more and more stress. Agitators are using the current disruptions to attack agricultural interests. Be sure you can eat this winter and next spring. Figure out how you’re going to do survival gardening if it comes to it.

    I hear the “protestors” are calling out, so they think, gun owners who won’t come to their newly-created hell holes and stand with them against the government. We’re laughing, because they still don’t get it. Go buy your own guns and ammo, if you can in your gun-controlled paradise, and try not to hurt yourselves. We’ll sit this one out. Let us know how it works out for you.

    Speaking of guns and ammo, they’re starting to get scarce and more expensive-again. May was a record setting month for gun sales. Be sure you have enough of both. Plus magazines, spare parts, cleaning gear and all the rest. The “new normal” may not be very normal for quite a while if things don’t let up soon.

    Long hot summers are sometimes followed by long cold winters. Got some solar and firewood? You may need them.

    If I’m right, and this is a deliberate campaign to destabilize the country, expect attacks on  infrastructure to start sometime soon. It may be simple things like blowing up electrical transmission towers or nastier things like contamination of the water supply. Can you imagine our cities, already burning, now burning in the dark on a hot summer night? That will be fun. On a more personal level, are you ready for utility outages that might last for weeks? Can you handle 90o and 75% humidity all day and night and still get some sleep? Trust me, it’s a lost art that we may have to rediscover.

    Our society is being stressed to its breaking point. I’m convinced this is deliberate. This has been tried before, starting in the 60s. While it may have been worse in those past iterations, this time we’re a very different population and in a weak economic situation. We are not, on the whole, so resilient as we were before. We are more divided than before. Getting through this is going to be far more difficult. It’s an open question what will be on the other side. We may figure out how to come back together, but right now I’m pessimistic about the chances of that. We may fracture into multiple countries, a la the fall of the Soviet Union. A strongman may appear and take us in a direction we can’t even conceive of. We may find ourselves weakened and at war both internally and externally. We may find those who have been running things behind the scenes out in the open and lording over us. Or we may do what we do best, papering over things and allowing the string-pullers to continue running things out of our sight.

    If you live in or near any population center that can be called city, it may be time to consider relocating to a less densely populated area. I’ve never been a fan of bugging out, but I am considering a strategic relocation. Even Mrs. Freeholder, who can be a bit of a Pollyanna, is open to the discussion. We may or may not go, but at least the subject is on the table now.

    It’s going to be a long summer, and the thing has barely started.

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