Time’s up

I doubt you have missed the news of shootings during riots in Kenosha, WI. It’s in all the media.

Less obvious are the videos and reports that seem to indicate the shootings may well have been in self defense. Negative fit for the narrative.

Why a 17-year-old was with stupid people in a stupid place doing stupid things isn’t clear as of yet. I’ve read the kid has a public defender. I hope that, somehow, he gets a better lawyer. He’s going to need one, no matter what the facts are eventually determined to be.

Ladies and gentlemen, time is up. It’s 11:58 and you need to finish up any final preparations you need to make. While things may dial down in Kenosha, they will dial up in other areas. The new bar has been set. The next incident will probably be more deadly. The chance that this thing will get dialed back is just about zero.

2 thoughts on “Time’s up

  1. The public defender is for teh Illinois extradition hearing. He'll need another for Wisconsin proceedings.

  2. Word is that L. Lin Wood, Nick Sandman's attorney, is going to represent him pro bono. Haven't seen that confirmed.

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