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I’ve had NCScout’s efforts recommended to me before, but I’ve never really been that hip on the guy. This time, I’m hip. Allow me to toss out just one money quote from What Have You Seen? What Did You Miss? Or You Gotta Get Hard by Wiscomando:

“This is probably the biggest notable change that I have come across. The mob no longer flees when gunshots are heard, when they are shot at, or even when those around them are hit. They may disengage briefly, but generally, the crowd has lingered closely, and does not completely depart. This major change needs to be understood at personal level deeper than what can be expressed in writing. If you are engaged by the mob, and must defend yourself, you will not be able to win alone. The Rittenhouse case will not be the only example of this that we will see. He got lucky he was only attacked by four people, and not a dozen. DO NOT EXPECT THE MOB TO BACK OFF.”

The rest is just as high quality and I have no disagreements with any of it. I was thinking of writing a similar post this morning, attempting to put together all the bits and pieces of note I’ve seen here and there. No need for me to do it with this out there. I will, however, add this: If you have not laid in stocks of everything you might need to go through 6 months of being in the shit, you’re very nearly out of time. You can still get food and medical gear, maybe solar power gear if your needs are small. Tools and hardware are still relatively available. But NCScout is right-you will not find guns, ammo, reloading supplies or most gun accessories unless you get lucky. I’ve just went through 3 weeks of trying to get a simple Kydex OWB holster for the Sig P365 XL, and you would have thought I was looking for the Ark of the Covenant. I got stupidly lucky and found a supplier with magazines. Now I just need to find more 300BLK subsonic ammo. What a time to get caught short on that.

You also still have time for one last word with family, friends and neighbors. I’m fortunate in that my kids have, more or less, listened to their old man on the subject. They’ve done some and I think they’re doing more. You know how it is, it doesn’t pay to harp on things. I just drop the good word here and there and hope. They’re in their 20s and grown adults, so treating them like they’re 3 is counterproductive.

Friends and neighbors may be harder. It seems they either get it, or they don’t get it until it’s too late. But they can still do a lot to help themselves for the moment.

You’ll have to pardon any typos, grammatical errors or such. I have help this morning.

Cherokee is getting to be a big girl.

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