“Judge Floyd said awarding qualified immunity would allow police to be protected over ‘fear-based use of deadly force, which we cannot accept.’  (Emphasis mine)

With those words, I see the beginnings of an new attack on our right of self-defense. Legally, at least in my home state of North Carolina, one may react with deadly force when you reasonably believe that you or someone else is about to be attacked or is being attacked and that the attack will result in serious injury or death. Perhaps I take a simplistic view of such things, but wouldn’t that imply that you were in fear of injury or death? And that your reaction was “fear-based”? You can argue about “reasonableness”, but a judge has just said what he thinks the law now means (yes, in another state and a very different circumstance).

Watch this very carefully. This is how they start these things. And interestingly enough, right when they want to defund the police.

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  1. Worked in the capital city until I retired in 2012 . Been out here in the sticks ever since and I don't miss that shit show one bit . Whole neighborhoods of Somalis and the typical diversity is our strength leaders importing more every day . It's a circus downtown now but it was getting raw before I left. If the crowds show up out here the dogs and hogs will eat well .

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