What the hell happened to my home?

Last night, self-righteous Leftist brats pulled down the century-old statue of “Silent Sam”, who honored the sacrifice of UNC students during the War Between the States, on the campus of UNC-CH. They were allowed to cover the statue and work behind that cover to bring it down. Police apparently sat on their hands until after the statue was on the ground. After that they moved in and covered the fallen statue with a tarp. They managed to make one arrest.

Based on the reactions by the chancellor and the governor, as well as the lack of action by the police, this smells like a planned action by the students and university leadership. The law said the statue could not be removed because of its historical significance, so the university simply stood back while a group of rioters tore it down. Now they can clean up the mess and hope it all goes away, and that their Leftist paradise, paid for by the taxpayers, can move forward into whatever glorious future they think is their due.

There are plenty of videos and photos circulating that can be used to identify many of those at the site. I believe there are also security cameras that were placed to monitor the statue. If the police want to find the miscreants, they can. I predict they won’t unless forced to. The guilty will get off scot-free.

There should be a formal investigation of the leadership of the university and whether or not they played any part in this event. The university police should also face this investigation. If guilty parties are found, they should suffer the full legal consequences of their actions. Again, I predict this will not occur unless forced.

I was born and raised in North Carolina. I lived in Chapel Hill for a couple of years and in the area for nearly 4. I’ve always said it was like living in a different state. Apparently it’s now like a different country.

I no longer recognize my home state, and unlike the old NC advertising jingle, I don’t like calling North Carolina home anymore. I won’t until the guilty are brought to justice.

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