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I know this is nothing other than getting used to a new platform, but good grief this can be frustrating. I want the picture that I start the post off with to be the image you see on the blog home page. I can do that with the “featured image” feature. Except that feature also uses that as a header image for the post, meaning you have the image (way too large, btw) at the top of the post, then you have the smaller version at the location I want it in the post.

I’m working to figure a way around this. I would say “new theme”, but this is apparently a WordPress thing, not a theme thing. So for now I have to ask you to put up with it. Actually, I’m surprised no one has complained, because it makes reading the post harder, and it looks stupid. I guess I have some very polite and patient readers. 🙂

1 thought on “*explitive* WordPress *explitive*

  1. I learned 25 year ago, in the early days of the internet, that if I let myself get distracted by the pretty lights and pictures, I would never be able to read an article to completion. I’ve learned to glance at them and then give them no mind until later unless they are pertinent to the words.

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