They’ll take it away and kill you with it

An MSNBC “terror analyst” very nearly trots out the old anti-gun canard of “You don’t need a gun for self-defense because the criminal will just take it away from you and kill you with it.” Rather than that, he says that if we start arming teachers, the police will shoot them.

Honestly, given the rash of police shootings of armed good guys recently, I do have to almost say the guy has a point. However, if the police officers are properly trained and held to the same standard as an armed citizen, this becomes a much smaller risk.

“But wait! Ermagherd! The police have only a split second to react to the armed person!”

So do we, cupcake, and we’re held to a much higher standard. It’s time the folks with the badges were held to that higher standard that everyone says they should be held to. It can start right here. The police’s seeming free pass to shoot anyone with a gun and walk away needs to end.

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