Some budget cutting is a bad idea

Cutting the budget to fund the WWV family of radio time service stations is definitely a bad idea. These services are used by many consumers for such mundane tasks as setting clocks, but they fill a much larger national security need. The US military has finally figured out that satellite communications are a target of hostile foreign powers, and are rebuilding/expanding the old HF radio network that many thought were just “useless old tech”.

There are two petitions active at the moment. If you want to keep these stations going, your signature on them will help send that message. You can access them here and here. Don’t forget that after you sign, you’ll get an email asking you to verify your signature. It won’t hurt if you write your Congresscritters and the President, too.

1 thought on “Some budget cutting is a bad idea

  1. Signed.

    My 2 cents: old tech is robust tech (sometimes).

    Anyone wanna buy a National NC-300 receiver and a Viking Ranger II xmitter? They've been in storage a while…

    73 de KA9VSZ

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