What I did on my summer vacation

Trust me when I say the picture on the left has no bearing to what I’ve been up to the last 10 days. But it’s nice to dream.

The migraines are somewhat better, but we’re still fighting for the level of control I had 6 weeks ago. Right now I’d say we have “some level of control”, which is better than “out of control”, or to use the proper medical term, “chronic”.

Son, who went to the beach this past week, is now in quarantine from his aged parents, although he’s feeling just fine. We were texting today, and he asked how the migraines were going. I briefed him and then told him “It would probably help if your old man would stop over-doing it.”

You know, like working 3 days at the Southeast Old Thresher’s Reunion running a stationary boiler in 90o+ heat (with 80-ish% humidity).

This boiler was built for the military, never used, brought to Denton, NC, left to rust for a few years, and finally put into service when its predecessor wouldn’t pass a boiler inspection any longer. It powers all the gear in the Exhibition Hall plus the large Bates-Corliss engine, which produces 350 HP at a screaming 80 RPM.

Three days working, 2 migraines. And I stayed well hydrated (there were some jokes about my liquid intake and output), ate when I should and got off my feet whenever possible. However, I enjoyed it and I look forward to next year.

Would I rather had not had the migraines? Of course! But I look forward to this all year and I’m not giving it up. The damn migraines have stolen enough from me, and They. Won’t. Get. This.

While I think of it, a quick summation of Field Day: 59 contacts, Ontario to Florida; up and down the East Coast to Texas. Much fun had.

The Wuflu follies continue in North Carolina, exacerbated by the actions of government from the governor to the dog catcher and abetted by a scare-mongering media. At the Threshers, maybe 10% of the people wore a mask despite Obersturmbannfurhrer Cooper’s “You vill vear a mask or else” edict. And nearly no one in local or state government was mentioned fondly. I actually heard the phrase “Not good enough for my rope.” Yowser.

At the grocery store today, nearly everyone had a mask on. And there was toilet paper! And meat!

Wait a minute, maybe wearing masks make toilet paper and meat show up. Could it be that simple?

At the moment, I’m back on the radio, working the 13 Colonies special event. This is the last night, and I need one last station for a clean sweep. He’s in Great Britain, and God bless the man, because I’ve heard better behaved people on Channel 19. You’d think lives were at stake. He’s “working by the numbers”, meaning that he’s going by the US call areas, 0-9. I’m a 4, and I’ve missed him twice. I’m going to try once more, or maybe twice, depending on his stamina. It is 1:49 AM there, and for his sake I hope he’s taking tomorrow off.

I’m sincerely going to try and get back to more regular posting. Then again, this post was supposed to go up Sunday. Thanks for hanging in there.

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  1. FB on the contacts, OM. (just had to pretend I'm active) 🙂

    Yes, I attribute my mask for my success at shopping. Can't catch those deals if you can't breathe.

    Steam rocks!

    Hang in there. Drugs are your friend. As is air conditioning.

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